Residential Construction

Residential Construction

Residential Construction

Residential builds under Belvedere Group are headed by our Ecostar Homes division

Building your new home should be a cooperative and fun process, and in choosing Ecostar you are forging a relationship with a team of professionals who passionately believe in this and always ensure that the client’s needs come first. As members of the Certified Builder’s Association of NZ, we also provide the added security of a comprehensive Home-First 10 year guarantee on all our new homes.

Ecostar Homes are at the forefront of producing environmentally friendly, sustainable homes. Although there are plenty of home designers and builders claiming to be ‘green’ and incorporating some level of sustainable features within their designs, they don’t tend to produce buildings much more sustainable than any other…
Each plan in the Ecostar range has been rigorously designed to minimise waste and maximise passive design in order to produce a home that is more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Until now truly sustainable homes have only been achievable with bespoke, architecturally designed buildings which generally come with premium prices attached. Ecostar Homes is now able to deliver these same levels of efficiency and produce truly sustainable homes to all New Zealanders without the price premiums.

Our concept in creating these environmentally friendly homes has been developed around the Homestar rating system. Launched in 2010, Homestar is an independent system that rates the health, comfort and efficiency of homes on a scale of 1-10. Typically, new homes built in New Zealand are constructed to meet minimum building code standards and as a result will commonly achieve a 3 – 4 Homestar rating. Ecostar Homes are designed to significantly exceed the requirements of the building code and achieve a minimum 7 Homestar rating as standard.

Until now, no one has ever before achieved 10 out of 10 Homestar rating, but as clear cut example of our commitment to being green we decided to build New Zealand’s first ever ‘Perfect 10’ Homestar house. Among its many sustainable features are photovoltaic panels for solar energy, a state-of-the-art system that controls when appliances switch on, and a hydronic heating system that captures passive heat to warm the home.



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